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TIANE sample

Using the TIANE-Discord sample bundle

The TIANE-Discord example bundle in samples/tiane-discord shows how to make tiane act as a discord bot. TIANE is a german open source smart home assistant written in python. Here is a guide to how to get it working.


  • Working NodeCG & nodecg-io installation
  • A working TIANE server installation. (No room client required)
  • a Discord Bot token

Configure the TIANE sample bundle

  1. Edit the file samples/tiane-discord/extension/index.ts. Look for this line

    const discordChannel = ""; // Insert channel for the discord bot here

    Put the channel id of a discord channel where you want to talk to TIANE between the quotation marks. See here to find out how to get a channel id.

  2. Run npm run build in the main nodecg-io directory.

  3. Edit the file server/TIANE_config.json on your TIANE server:

        "websocket": "enabled",
        "websocket_port": 19526,
        "websocket_timeout": 20

    Make sure websocket is either set to enabled or secure and set a port of your desire.

  4. Start nodecg with nodecg-io installed. The TIANE-Discord bundle is currently part of it so it should also be loaded.

  5. Go to the nodecg-io tab in the nodecg dashboard.

  6. Login using your password. If this is your first run, then enter the password with which you want to encrypt your configurations and credentials.

  7. Create a new TIANE service instance using the left upper menu.

  8. Enter address of the TIANE-Server

    The created instance should be automatically selected, if not select it in the upper left menu. Enter host and port you just set in server/TIANE_config.json in this format:

        "address": ""

    After entering it, click save.

    Note: If you don't see the editor on the right, try reloading the page.

  9. Create a new Discord service instance. (See the Discord Sample on how to do this)

  10. Set the created TIANE and Discord service instances to the service dependency of the TIANE-Discord bundle.

    Select the TIANE-Discord bundle and the TIANE service in the left bottom menu and then select the service instance that should be used by the TIANE-Discord bundle (in this case the name of the previously created twitch instance). Then do the ame for the discord bundle.

  11. Ping your discord bot in the channel you set in the first step and ask tiane something.