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SQL sample

Using the SQL sample bundle

The SQL example bundle in samples/sql demonstrates the ability to access databases. Here is a guide to how to get it working.


You will need a working nodecg-io installation. If you have non yet take a look at installation guide. You may need to install this bundle, so take a look at the “Try an included sample”-Guide. It will also tell you how to log in and how to use the GUI.

You also need:

  • A database supported by knex


If you don't have a database yet and just want to test things you can use sqlite3 and don't need to set up a database server. You can always move to a different database type later.

Configure the SQL sample bundle

  1. In NodeCG, create a new SQL service instance.

  2. Enter your used database client and a knex connection object for SQL:

        "client": "mysql",
        "connection": {
            "host": "localhost",

    After entering it, click save.

  3. Set the sample's (sql) dependency to be the newly created service instance (of type sql).

  4. Check the NodeCG logs:

    Your first run of the sample bundle will probably fail because your database doesn't contain the used tables. Check samples/sql/extension/index.ts and create the tables as used or create your own tables and adapt the sample accordingly. You can also use this code as a reference on how to use the SQL client to do your queries.