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Using the Nanoleaf sample bundle

The Nanoleaf example bundle in samples/nanoleaf demonstrates the ability to control your nanoleaf lights. This example code sets all panels to an orange colour. Here is a guide to how to get it working.


You will need a working nodecg-io installation. If you have non yet take a look at installation guide. You may need to install this bundle, so take a look at the “Try an included sample”-Guide. It will also tell you how to log in and how to use the GUI.

You also need:

  • IP address of your nanoleaf controller

Configure the nanoleaf sample bundle

  1. In NodeCG, create a new nanoleaf service instance.

  2. Enter the IP address of your nanoleaf controller:

        "ipAddress": ""


    Before clicking save put your nanoleaf controller into pairing mode by holding the on-off button for 5-7 seconds till the LED starts flashing.

    After entering your config and entering pairing mode, click save.

  3. Set the sample's (nanoleaf) dependency to be the newly created service instance (of type nanoleaf).

  4. If everything worked, your nanoleafs should now shine orange.
    If not you should check the NodeCG logs for any errors.