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GSheets sample

Using the gsheets sample bundle

The gsheets bundle in samples/gsheets demonstrates the ability of retrieving all rows where column A is filled. Here is a guide to how to get it working.


You will need a working nodecg-io installation. If you have non yet take a look at installation guide. You may need to install this bundle, so take a look at the “Try an included sample”-Guide. It will also tell you how to log in and how to use the GUI.

You also need:

  • Google cloud API OAuth access (client ID, client Secret)
  • Grant Google Sheets API v4 access at the project's dashboard.
    • Shortcut URL:<project-id>.


If you don't have such a key yet, you can generate them like this. As redirect URI add:


Configure the gsheets sample bundle

  1. In NodeCG, create a new googleapis service instance.
  2. Enter the credentials for googleapis:

        "clientID": "<clientID>",
        "clientSecret": "<clientSecret>",
        "scopes": [""]

    After entering it, click save.


    You can add multiple scopes if the googleapis instance is used for multiple bundles.

  3. Set the sample's (gsheets) dependency to be the newly created service instance (of type googleapis).

  4. Check the NodeCG logs:

    You should see an error or a success message that is hardcoded in samples/gsheets/extension/index.ts.